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Tomas Edgren

Research group Hans Wolf-Watz




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Ho, Oanh
Rogne, Per
Edgren, Tomas; et al.

Characterization of the Ruler Protein Interaction Interface on the Substrate Specificity SwitchProtein in the Yersinia Type III Secretion System
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 292(8): 3299-3311



Ekestubbe, Sofie
Bröms, Jeanette E.
Edgren, Tomas; et al.

The amino-terminal part of the needle-tip translocator LcrV of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis is required for early targeting of YopH and in vivo virulence
Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, 6



Wang, He
Avican, Kemal
Fahlgren, Anna; et al.

Increased plasmid copy number is essential for Yersinia T3SS function and virulence
Science, 353(6298): 492-495



Erttmann, Saskia F.
Härtlova, Anetta
Sloniecka, Marta; et al.

Loss of the DNA Damage Repair Kinase ATM Impairs Inflammasome-Dependent Anti-Bacterial Innate Immunity
Immunity, 45(1): 106-118



Costa, Tiago
Amer, Ayad
Farag, Salah; et al.

Type III secretion translocon assemblies that attenuate Yersinia virulence
Cellular Microbiology, 15(7): 1088-1110



Edgren, Tomas
Forsberg, Åke
Rosqvist, Roland; et al.

Type III Secretion in Yersinia: Injectisome or Not?
PLoS pathogens, 8(5): e1002669-



Thorslund, Sara E
Edgren, Tomas
Pettersson, Jonas; et al.

The RACK1 signaling scaffold protein selectively interacts with Yersinia pseudotuberculosis virulence function
PLoS ONE, 6(2): e16784-



Akopyan, Karen
Edgren, Tomas
Wang-Edgren, Helen; et al.

Translocation of surface-localized effectors in type III secretion
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 108(4): 1639-1644



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